3D Scanner for Comfortable Dental Care in Delaware, Ohio

We believe that our patients deserve nothing but the best in comfortable dental care.

CBCT 3D Scanner digital x-ray at Delaware Dental office

CBCT 3D Scanner

The new scanner takes us from 2D to 3D imaging. This allows us to rotate, twist and view images in ways we couldn’t before, while providing superior image quality, exceptional comfort, and doing it with a Low X-ray dose. It will improve our ability to diagnose your specific dental issue and keep you safe at the same time

Reduced Radiation Dental X-Ray

Drs. Green and Pawlecki chose this specific scanner because of its superior image quality and more importantly its low dose of X-ray exposure to you. It uses such a low dose it is also FDA approved for pediatric dentistry. In addition, we can tailor the scan to specific areas of the mouth and further minimize exposure.

Convenience & Comfortable Dental Procedures

Our patients enjoy more convenient and comfortable dental care. This scanner allows us to take cavity detecting 3D X-rays on patients with gag reflexes and extra bony protrusions, which can be uncomfortable with traditional bitewing X-rays. The comfortable open design of the scanner even allows for wheelchair accessibility.

CBCT 3D Scanner

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