Comfortable Dentistry in Delaware, Ohio

We offer WATERLASE Laser dentistry because our patients deserve the most comfortable dentistry available

Waterlase lasar comfortable pain free dentist in Delaware, Ohio

Waterlase® Laser Dentistry

We use Waterlase® Dentistry to comfortably perform many of the procedures that are often associated with the pain of a dental drill and the numbing effects of anesthetic. Since Waterlase® laser dentistry allows us to perform these dental procedures with laser precision and without the heat, pressure, vibration, and pain of a dental drill, our patients enjoy a much more comfortable visit to the dentist in Delaware, Ohio.

Convenience and Comfort in Dental Procedures

Our patients enjoy a more convenient visit to the dentist as well. With the Waterlase® dental laser our dentists can perform the dental procedures more efficiently and often without anesthetic injections. Many restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that used to require multiple visits or visits to additional specialists are now completed in your initial visit, and without the numbness of the mouth and lips usually associated with a visit to the dentist. Contact us today to schedule a pain-free visit to the dentist.

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